Harold Simmons


Workshop Leader


Music artist and entertainer FYÜTCH was born in Gary, IN in 1988, where he won the city wide speech contest at age 8. His family moved to Nashville in 1996. By high school, he started a jazz hip hop band called The Legendary Biscuits and Gravy Band. They were a hometown favorite and began touring regionally. He attended Belmont University and began a solo career under the moniker Future, but changed his name to FYÜTCH in 2012 to avoid confusion with the Atlanta rapper. His debut album Mr. Flattop was sponsored by Vibe Magazine.  In 2015 FYÜTCH moved to New York City and began competing as a battle rapper, winning several competitions. He started a weekly web show called Fyütchology that went viral and was featured on MTV.  His most recent album Freakazoid with Boba Sweat produced the single “Catch Me Cruisin’” that was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist.