Building Beats June Happenings

Summer is right around the corner!

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Thank you to all the students and staff who came to this spring’s Teens Take The Met. Big shout out to Senator Chuck Schumer for coming through to support @synthefire and @AstroAngelMusic who handled the music for the entire evening. Holler at us if you want to book them!

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Major shouts to BKyard Boogie on being an incredible platform for aspiring musicians and DJs to showcase their art within the vibe of a Brooklyn backyard. Our former student, DJ Synchro, just rocked their one-year anniversary this past month. Holler at us if you want to book him!

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Check out new music from one of our partners, SONYC Isla, lead by our own SammAyOnTheBeat!

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Want Building Beats at your school this summer and fall? You can request music production classes or book Building Beats to DJ your events.