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Companies like Pandora and LinkedIn have enjoyed our innovative music making workshops. We provide a unique team building experience for employees at forward thinking organizations and startups to collaborate creatively using music. Each workshop helps to fund 1,100+ workshops held at NYC public schools, community centers and youth detention centers in all the 5 boroughs throughout the year.

Building Beats Corporate Workshop Pandora

Inject Creativity into your company culture

From childhood the world divides us into “creatives” and “noncreatives.” Unfortunately, far too many people resign themselves to the latter category.  No matter the industry, Creative Confidence is essential for employees to be successful and organizations to achieve their full potential.

Through music we help your team members reclaim this confidence and rediscover themselves as creatives.

Building Beats Corporate Workshop LinkedIn

Make internal networking fun

Getting to know your co-workers can be difficult especially if you mostly communicate via email.  Our beat-making workshop is an engaging way to learn more about your colleagues, their creative process, and their taste.

Also, how else would you find out 7 members of your team used to play tenor sax in middle school?

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collaboration and critique

Even in today's digital world, no person is an island. Through collaboration we find solutions to building a better reality. Our workshops provide a space that allows colleagues to give, receive, and utilize feedback in real-time. 



Net Promoter Score (NPS) - 80/100

Value Time Spent (VTS) - 4.6/5

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