Soundtrap Setup for Sites


1. Login to the Building Beats SoundTrap Account using these credentials:


pw: growthmindset123

2. Click 'My Groups' from the main navigation.

3. Click 'Create Group' using the name of your site for the group name.

Note: Create a new group even if your site already has a group, those are old accounts. Use a Term/Year to differentiate so you know which beats are your current students' (ex. Achievement First Brownsville Fall '18)
You should now be in the Group page for your site, with one user already listed 'Building Beats - Owner.'

Note on adding users: SoundTrap allows for five (5) students to use one 'user' account at the same time. In order to conserve licenses, each site gets as many usernames as needed for 5 students to be on a single account. That means if your site has 10 students, you only need 2 users. If your site has 12 students, you need 3 users. Makes sense? Cool, let's move on.

4. Click 'add user.' We use the following format for username emails:

soundtrap+{sitename} (first 5 students)

soundtrap+{sitename1} (second 5 students)
and so on.

Use this format so you don't have to ask your students to use their own emails, etc.
Set password as BuildBeats123 for all accounts

5. Click 'Create User.' You should see a green check at the bottom of the screen, but it won't close until you close it.

6. Repeat Step 4 as many times as you need users.

That's it! You now have usernames and passwords to give your students, and they will all be in the same group for that workshop.