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Building Life Skills by Building Beats

Erica Lewis-Blunt


Professional Workshops Lead


Erica is a DJ/Producer from Queens, NY. She has a master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Miami, and has taught and worked at Building Beats for three years. A former mathematics teacher, she has also worked in programming and curriculum development for several other youth development organizations. Erica is an accomplished and well-connected DJ, helping Building Beats engage partnerships with companies such as Snapchat, Pandora, Nike, and LinkedIn, where our students and staff lead workshops for adult professionals who want to increase their creative confidence in the workplace.

Kristen Glennon

Operations Lead


Kristen is a Brooklyn-based DJ/Producer and an educator with Building Beats and Today's Future Sound, as well as the co-founder of the Women Beatmakers Meetup. She has a strong track record in radio and music production, event planning, and creative office and project management, operations and administration in nonprofit, start-up, and agency settings. Prior to working at Building Beats, Kristen helped to build out Dubspot, a brick-and-mortar DJ and Music Production education company serving individual students of all ages. She brings a wealth of knowledge in the music education space to the table, as well as an intimate understanding of the administrative work and project management required to run an organization like Building Beats.

Phi Pham

Founder/Executive Director


Phi has 7+ years of startup experience in non-profit management and small businesses. He graduated from NYU with a Bachelors of Science in Neural Science and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Phi founded Building Beats in 2013 with a focus on serving young people in New York City’s under-resourced communities through innovative music education. As a DJ and Music Producer who managed to create a career out of his passions, he hopes to help young people convert their creativity and passions into sustainable careers and lifelong learning. He has served as the CEO of Building Beats for 5 years.

Zephyr Doles

Youth Programming Lead


Zephyr Doles (Youth Programming Lead) has led Professional Development workshops for Building Beats for the past 3 years, and has 6 years of experience in Curriculum Development and Staff Training at Harvard University’s Hip Hop Archive, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Rap Research Lab. As an educator, Zephyr has worked extensively with Building Beats in the after-school space as well as with Read for America/NYC DOE as a co-teacher in a regular school program. As a DJ, she has experience playing at some of New York’s most coveted venues and managing New York’s premier DJ retail shop, Turntable Lab, for 3 years.