Power Painting Jam

The Rubin Museum of Art's Annual Block Party was in full swing with bbLeaders and instructors curating a performance at the event!


Artist Rihannon Catalyst and students Elijah (aka EJ Cali) and Jaida (aka Jaida Bee) hosted THE POWER PAINTING JAM SESSION and co-created the interactive Positively Empowered soundscape.

Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 2.22.10 PM.png

The full playlist of student work presented at the event IS as follows:

You Give Me Hope (by Elijah Goodman aka EJ Cali)

Madison's Garden (by Khalil McCoy)

"Positively Empowered" (A public soundscape by Rhiannon Catalyst, with quotes from people of all ages, set to the beat RnB3 by Jaida Bee) 

Levels (by Taj Johnston aka DJ Taj)

Space (by Jaida Bee)


The soundscape was premiered on stage at the Rubin Museum during the Power Painting Jam when four artists (Caritas Young, Heather Rose Piper, Phuntsok Hagyal, and TK) painted live—inspired by the museum, the theme of power, the music (created by Building Beats students and curated by Rhiannon Catalyst), and this soundscape they were hearing for the first time. The soundscape was also interpreted live by American Sign Language interpreter Candace Davider for the hearing impaired community.


The beat RnB3, featured in this soundscape, is by Building Beats student and producer Jaida Bee (17, from Queens, NY).

"The Museum asked me to curate the Power Painting Jam to highlight the incredible feedback loops of positive power and inspiration we manifest when we work, learn, and play together collaboratively. I created this project and opened it up to my community and the public, including interviewing young people as young as five, to make it a public collaboration allowing anyone who wished to become part of the conversation, and joining voices of many generations talking about what empowers us all. This is the spirit of the Rubin Museum's Block Party, and also inspired by the museum's beautiful exhibit "The Power of Intention" built around their visually striking and famous spiral staircase." - Rhiannon Catalyst


Here, we see Elijah and Jaida CO-hosting the session, sharing their music, and empowering youth and artists.

Big thanks to the Rubin Museum and everyone involved!

Building Beats