Your Guide to Creative Programs for Teens in NYC!

Whether you like visual art, film, music production or writing, there’s something here for everyone. Scroll to the bottom for a link to a more comprehensive list.

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We would be remiss if we didn’t mention ourselves first!

Since 2013, Building Beats has developed and expanded DJ and digital music production programs, instilling entrepreneurship, leadership, and life skills in New York City’s low-income and minority youth. With a strong belief in activating students’ passion for music as a pathway to build entrepreneurial skills, we provide students with the structure, tools, and knowledge necessary to become self-directed, creative producers who harness their creative potential to benefit their community.

bbLEADERS is a core group of our current students, alumni and leaders in the youth music community. Through mentorship, workshops, gigs and employment opportunities, Building Beats helps these young leaders take their growth and development to the next level by providing hands on experience in the music world.

Apply to the bbLeaders program here!

Reel Works

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Reel Works mentors, inspires and empowers underserved NYC youth to share their stories through filmmaking, creating a springboard to successful careers in media and beyond.

Reel Works’ free After School Programs pair teens with professional filmmaker-mentors to create original short documentaries, narrative and experimental films that have won countless awards and been seen by over 20 million viewers worldwide since 2001.

Apply to Reel Works’ after-school and summer programs here!

Sound Thinking NYC

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Sound Thinking NYC is a free program especially designed to open doors for young women to explore careers in the music industry.

STNYC includes multiple levels of student engagement focused on increasing opportunities in the music industry for underrepresented groups, particularly women. All students who are interested in supporting gender equity in music are encouraged to apply. Summer Intensive graduates will be invited to Sound Thinking NYC 2018-19 school year events and will be offered opportunities for paid internships and credited College Now Courses in their 11th and 12th grade year.

Apply to Sound Thinking’s after-school and summer programs here!

Studio 57

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Young artists from across New York City are invited to make music at Carnegie Hall every Saturday throughout the school year at Studio 57. Students can collaborate with each other and work side by side with New York City’s best performing artists. This program is open to young musicians with any level of experience in any genre, ages 14–19.

RSVP by 4pm the day before any Saturday throughout the school year!

Free Arts NYC

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The Teen Arts Program provides dynamic opportunities for 65 teens – ages 13-18 – to explore the arts academically and professionally. Teens are paired 1 on 1 with a mentor in a creative profession to guide them through the complicated process of creating a portfolio and applying to specialized art schools. Throughout the program, teens also gain real-world experience through company visits and paid summer internships.

Apply here!

Girls Write Now

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Girls Write Now’s cutting-edge programs cross creative, critical, and digital writing, preparing girls to graduate high school with confidence, and to be competitive in college and careers of their choice.

Apply to Girls Write Now’s programs here!

Arts Connection

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As an ArtsConnection teen you will have access to some of the most exciting and engaging arts experiences that New York City has to offer. Join us! Everybody is welcome. We saved you a seat at our table.

Apply to Arts Connection’s programs here!

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