A Message From Our Summer Intern


Hey! My name is Daphne Parkhill, and I’ve been interning at Building Beats all summer, writing blog posts, organizing important information, and recording sounds! My sample pack, which you can click on here or find under the Sample Pack page on the BB site, paints a soundscape of the subway system. Using Soundtrap (which you can find in our toolbox!) I also created 3 subway-themed songs using MIDI and loops, as well as some of the sounds I recorded. Listen to them on your commute, or if you’re out of town and homesick!

I’m leaving for my freshman year of college this weekend, and as my time at Building Beats comes to a close I want to thank the core team here for being so welcoming and making this a great experience! They both challenged me and nurtured my creativity, allowing me to take the lead on exciting projects. Everyone should consider volunteering for this organization if you have the time—they do wonderful work. Thanks Building Beats!

Building Beats