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Please note that we cap our workshops at 12 students per workshop leader. If you plan on having more than 12 students in the workshops, please email so we can coordinate an additional workshop leader.
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We highly recommend having one computer/tablet per student.
We highly recommend having one pair of headphones per student.
Internet access is required for our curriculum.
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We provide two programs, Music Production and DJ. In Music Production, students will learn how to create original tracks using free, online software. In DJ, students will gain hands-on experience with industry-standard DJ hardware and software that will prepare them to mix and blend music at parties and other social gatherings.
Additional Services *
In addition to our regular workshops, we offer field trips to NYC's top music companies and venues, an in-house videographer who can help students make music videos for their tracks, and professional development workshops for educators who want to incorporate music-making into their teaching practice. Please note that these services come at an additional fee, and if selected we will reach out to confirm further details with you.
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